Being Bisexual Is The Ultimate Form Of Sexual Fluidity – And People Will Always Struggle To Understand That

There are many shades in the spectrum of love, it is a spectrum, after all – and perhaps the most fluid form of sexual identification is bisexuality. Where as identifying as gay means that you only play for one team, bisexuality can cover a lot more ground. “Saying you’re bi allows a certain fluidity,” says Hafsa Qureshi, a Diversity and Inclusion specialist and former winner of the Stonewall Award for Bi Role-model of the year. Growing up, Hafsa identified as a lesbian and it wasn’t until she was 19 that she realised she was attracted to men too. She’s now dated cis men and women as well as trans men and women. “I’d describe myself as bisexual, but I use the word queer because it’s a catch all term. Bisexual doesn’t encompass other parts of my sexuality, my being disabled and a person of faith.”

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