Astrology superstar Susan Miller: 'I can really respond to people online'

If you’re not one of the 17 million readers of or one of the users of the app of the same name, you may not have heard of Susan Miller – yet. But for any astrology-obsessed millennial, she is the queen of fortune telling, single-handedly responsible for fuelling their obsession with all things celestial. Somehow she has managed to turn the mystical, ancient pseudo-science of astrology into a world-wide phenomenon – her website enjoyed more than 310m page views in 2018 and this year traffic looks set to double.

Miller’s readers come from every country in the world, she’s written 11 bestselling books, and currently writes for magazines in eight countries. She also has a monthly TV show and regularly gives personal readings. She has a devoted celebrity following, including Cameron Diaz, who allegedly consulted her for advice before buying a house, Justin Theroux, Pharrell Williams and Alexa Chung.

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